My Wrecked Truck

  1. We bid estimates from pictures or through e-mail ()
  2. Send us a copy of your estimates. Feel free to cover up prices and labor. (We prefer estimates Over $10,000)
  3. We will review pictures and estimates and see if we can repair back to OEM specs. We fax or e-mail you an estimate. All estimates are guaranteed not to be higher, upon completion!
  4. You decide if you would like us to repair your truck from the estimate.
  5. If you decide for us to repair your truck, we will pick up your truck for $.75/mile. We will review the truck and see if we have missed anything. If we feel that we missed our estimate and can not make our estimate work, we will not charge towing to our location, unless we can come to an agreement on the additional charges.( In 2008, we matched 65 of 68 estimates).
  6. We repair trucks according to our schedule and only estimate time done. We rebuilt trucks as fast as 3 weeks and as long as 2- 2 ½ months when we have other trucks committed.
  7. Pick Up/Delivery: For those companies that would have a truck in our area, you can pick up your truck otherwise, we could deliver for a minimal fee. *We ask that trucks be paid for upon delivery or when picked up, unless other arrangements have been made.

Other Points of Interest

If you wreck a truck, we can go get it for $.75/mile and bring it back to our lot. The truck could than sit on our lot storage free for (4) months. If we rebuild the truck, the wrecker bill is added to the estimate. If we buy the truck, there will be no wrecker charges. If someone else buys the truck only the wrecker bill will be due at $1.50/mile.

We have our own Landoll trailer, a 5th wheel wrecker and a specialized Double Drop trailer for condos.

** Remember we buy salvage in all 48 states.

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